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You may want to exploit the innovative power of Switzerland by establishing your own R&D activities in the country. We take you by the hand by offering a one-stop service for delivery of turn-key R&D solutions. Our service comprises the following:

  • Together, we assess your needs to make the best out of your Swiss R&D. We consider the provision of facilities, experts, and access to resources.
  • Where should your R&D facility be located? Our insight knowledge of the varying attractiveness of Swiss cantons regarding tax levels, mobility, and access to academic partners are as well taken into account when finding a location as your already existing entities in the country
  • We will make you start up and running as fast as possible. We will use our partnerships to local universities and research institutes in Switzerland and the surrounding countries to enable you quickly integrate into this supportive environment
  • Our HR specialist offer consulting on targeted recruiting of highest-level specialists in your field of business and technology. For your existing staff you consider bringing to Switzerland, we provide relocation services that you will greatly anticipate given a stressed Swiss residential market
  • Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is crucial all over the world. We offer you to quickly establish relationships to Swiss/German/European patent attorneys who support your researchers in all IP related activities
  • Fairs and exhibitions are among the best ways for experts to demonstrate your technological capabilities and exchange with other knowledge carriers. Central Europe is among the richest place in the world regarding high-level industry and trade fairs. We know the most relevant events in your field and develop a fair and exhibition strategy for your R&D and business centers to quickly take foot in your new environment

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