IIAS & US-GAAP Accounting

Enhance the quality of financial reports.Our accounting advisory professionals provide clients with great solutions and knowledge for:

Distribution of Tasks Planning of Appointments

  • date for the last posting of the group internal transactions
  • date for closing of group internal balances
  • deadline for reporting package

Method of Consolidation and
Circle of Consolidation ( HGB,IAS,US - GAAP, etc.)

  • preparation of shareholder value list.decision about the basis of Accounting Principles
  • determination of the included group enterprises
  • fixing of consolidation method for separate group enterprises
  • provision and proof of reasons for the not including of group enterprises

Standardized Group Guidelines (Group Handbook)

  • Standardized accounts distribution guidelines (Same chart of Accounts for the group, standardized Accounts distribution)
  • Standardized Accounting Principles (as far as it is possible with subsidiaries abroad)
  • Guidelines for Transmission Bridge (HB I to HBII.)

Standardized Reporting of Group enterprises (Reporting Package)

  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Los of single financial statements (HB I)
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss according to Group policy (HB II)
  • Documentation of Transmission Bridge ( HB I to HB II)
  • Further consolidation relevant data e. g.:
  • Stock of group delivery
  • Production costs for delivery to group
  • Subsidiaries
  • Group internal turn-over Material use from group deliveries
  • Group internal claims and obligations
  • Other group internal settlements Group related provisions
  • Eventuality-obligations and liability

Consolidation Technique

  • Simple tabulation
  • Consolidation software (e.g. Hyperion)


  • Calculation of foreign currencies conversion
  • Preparation of B/S and P/L Trial Balance
  • Consolidation of assets
  • Consolidation of liabilities
  • Consolidation of income and expenses
  • Proceeding of latent tax within the group
  • Development of the group property register
  • Preparation of group balance sheet and group Profit & Loss
  • Preparation of the group balance appendix and group status report

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