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Capital Rising

When the intention is to enter a new market, to acquire another company or simply to commercialize new products & services, capital from external sources often has to be funded. 

The Consultinghouse capital raising program is designed to support companies to define their business growth plans. We have the experience to draft an individual finance plan, structure taxes and to source the right investors to realize your successful business approach in Switzerland and greater Europe. 

Our advisory teams support companies when it comes to due diligence of pre-investments and the actual funding of investment capital. Upfront we provide strong guidance to shape your future business. Find out more about business plans and how we can help. 

How we can assist you

  • Offering support on realizing the planned synergies (with a clear focus on the financial impact).
  • Preparing a plan of approach for the project in close collaboration with the managements of both companies.
  • Drawing up detailed integration plans for individual areas (sales, operations, finance, etc).
  • Offering help in bringing together different cultures.
  • Offering help in communicating the plan.

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