European Blue Card for International Workers

The European Commission has introduced a "blue card" which is similar to the green card in the United States. The blue card would make it easier for businesses to employ overseas staff on a temporary basis. 

The blue card for international workers in Switzerland

The Blue card entitles international workers to a stay in an EU member state to practice a gainful employment. It can be received for qualified employees coming from outside of the EU (i.e. from India) holding a degree, as well as a contract of employment requiring an annual salary of at least 44 000 EUR gross pay. 

A prerequisite for obtaining the blue card is represented by the fact that international workers are not allowed to work in Switzerland for longer than four years. In addition and assuming that the federal agency agrees to the activity for work, highly qualified experts from the areas of humane medicine, mathematics, natural science, engineering as well as IT have to prove a annual salary of only 33 000 Euro gross instead of 44 000 Euro in order to live and work in Switzerland.

How we may assist you

Counselhouse supports companies who are planning to support their business operations in Switzerland by employing qualified and international workers. In addition, we can support international workers to profit from the non-contributory family insurance when workers attempt to relocate with their family to Switzerland. 

We are committed to supporting companies to enable their internal workers a quick start in their new role in Switzerland. We advise employing companies as well as employees through the complete process and beyond to obtaining a blue card enabling them to live and work in Switzerland and Greater Europe.

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